The Hard Stop

This timely documentary explores the life and death of Mark Duggan, whose killing at the hands of London’s Metropolitan Police sparked the London riots of 2011.
The Metropolitan Police stopped Mark Duggan — a young, black, British man — early one morning in 2011. Minutes later Duggan was dead. His killing at the hands of the police sparked the now-infamous Tottenham riots and made headlines around the globe, but, as so often happens, the issue soon dropped from the news reports.

Picking up the story where the media left off, George Amponsah’s documentary The Hard Stop brings it back to its roots in Duggan’s neighbourhood, following his friends Marcus and Kurtis as they fight for justice while struggling against discrimination in their daily lives. Using the police inquiry into Mark’s death as a backdrop, Amponsah challenges the prevailing spin on Duggan’s death, focusing instead on those who were closest to the young man — black voices that are consistently marginalized.

See The Hard Stop from 15 July 2016 with a series of special Q&A events at cinemas across the UK.